How to Settings SIS and CBT Offline (using DVD or Virtual Drive) on Caterpillar ET Software?

SIS - Service Information System
CBT - Component Based Troubleshooting

Figure 1.1 - CBT (DVD)
CBT (Component Based Troubleshooting) DVD can now be downloaded directly from Caterpillar. The application provides access to troubleshooting information in a disconnected environment when used with any current SIS DVD subscription. To download, go to and select CBT (Component Based Troubleshooting) Download.

Having CBT DVD and a SIS DVD subscription installed on your PC allows the Troubleshoot Code and Troubleshoot Symptom buttons in Cat ET to function correctly when you are disconnected from the web.

1). Open CAT ET Software: select Utilities - Preferences - Modify...
Figure 1.2 - Modify...

2). Open CBT and SIS menu, and settings: CBT Data Source (to DVD), and SIS Data Source (to DVD), then click OK.
Figure 1.3 - CBT
Figure 1.4 - SIS

3). Using Cat ET Trainer, then try to check the Troubleshoot Code/ Troubleshoot Symptom from Active Diagnostic/Event Codes. Read More: TRAINER on Caterpillar ET Software.
Figure 1.5 - Trainer (Event Code: 111-15)

4). Select menu: Diagnostics - Events - Active Events.
Figure 1.6 - Active Events (Events)

5). Click on Troubleshoot Code or Troubleshoot Symptom.
Figure 1.7 - Active Events Code (111-15)

6). CBT Messages: DVD not found (Please Insert the SIS DVD), or mount image to Virtual Drive - DVDD0003. Once done, click OK.
Figure 1.8 - DVD not found
Figure 1.9 - Virtual Drive (DVDD0003)

7). It will automatically displays the CBT documents based on the Active Code (Codes + Engine).
Figure 2.1 - CBT (DVD)
Figure 2.2 - Engine/ Cooling

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