APC PowerChute - Battery Management on PowerChute Business Edition for Smart-UPS (APC UPS Software)

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Figure 1.1 - Battery Management (Smart-UPS 5000)

Battery Management

Use this screen to view the present status of your UPS Batteries. The screen also lists information on your Battery packs including the Part Numbers, and can predict when your Batteries need replacing.
Figure 1.2 - Battery Status (Normal)

A). Battery Status
Battery Status - The possible values here are "Normal", "Replace Battery", and "Battery Disconnected".
→Battery Charge - The present charge of the UPS Battery, as a percentage of the total possible capacity.
→Battery Voltage - The present voltage of your UPS Battery (as distinct from AC utility power) in volts DC.
→Runtime Remaining - The amount of time the UPS Battery could support its load.
→Battery Part Number - This Part Number is essential for re-ordering. Click on the "Re-Order Battery" link to go to a web page where you can buy a new Battery for your UPS online.

B). Predicting the replacement date of your UPS Battery
The Predictive Battery Replacement section of this Battery Management screen can help ensure your Battery is in good working order by notifying you when your UPS Battery is nearing the end of its life.

#Predictive Battery Replacement
→Battery Installation Date - This displays the date that your UPS Battery was installed. For some UPS devices, this information is derived from the UPS itself. For other devices you can input an installation month and year. A link to the APC website where you can re-order your Battery is also provided.
→Predicted Replacement Date - This date is supplied by the UPS and indicates when it is recommended that the Battery be replaced.

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