Generating Reports using Customer Programming Software (CPS 2.0)

MOTOTRBO CPS 2.0 - Motorola XiR P6620i

Figure 1.1 - Customer Handout (Motorola XiR P6620i)

Generating a CPS 2.0 Reports
The Customer Programming Software (CPS) 2.0 can generate the channel summary and customer handout reports.

1). Open a CPS 2.0 archive file or read a Radio. Read More: Reading Data from a Radio using Customer Programming Software (CPS 2.0).
2). Select File → Reports...
Figure 1.2 - File (Reports)
3). The Reports dialog box opens.
Figure 1.3 - Generating Reports 

4). Under the Reports List, click the desired report.
→Channels Summary
Figure 1.4 - CPS Channels Summary

→Customer Handout
Figure 1.5 - Customer Handout

5). In the Reports dialog box, the user can perform one of the following actions:
→Click Print - If user wants to print a report.
Figure 1.6 - Print Preview

→Click Save - If user wants to save a report.
Figure 1.7 - Save As

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