Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link (DDDL) Software: Retrieve and Save Fleet Calibration

Retrieve the Calibration (DDDL v6.46)

Figure 1.1 - Open: Cal Data Files (Vehicle^1)

#To Retrieve the Calibration:
1). Connect DETROIT Engine (DDEC) using Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link (DDDL v6.46). Read More: How to Connecting DETROIT Engine using Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link (DDDL).

2). Once connected, open Calibration menu then Retrieve.
Figure 1.2 - Calibration (Retrieve)

3). It will Loading Reading Data from the ECM.. The Calibration window for DDEC has a number of different pages labeled by tabs at the top of the window:
Figure 1.3 - Reading data from the ECM

4). To save the current calibration shown in the Calibration window with a new filename: choose Save As from the File menu to display the Save Calibration Datafile As dialog box.
Figure 1.4 - File (Save As...)

5). This is a standard window Save As dialog box.
Figure 1.5 - Save Calibration Datafile As
→Use the dialog box to select a folder for the file.
→Enter a File name for the file.
→Press Save to save the file.

Save Fleet Cal (DDEC only)
The Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link (DDDL) allows you to save a password with an individual Calibration. This is useful if you have a number of trucks requiring the same Calibration, as you can then open and transmit the Calibration without having to re-enter the password on each occasion (assuming, of course, that you set the password to be the same for all of the trucks).

You can also use this function to restrict access to passwords. For example, a Fleet manager could use the Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link (DDDL) off-line (not connected to an ECM) to set the Calibrations for each truck and save them with the appropriate passwords. Technicians can then open the saved Calibrations while connected to a truck and transmit the Calibration without having to enter the password (or read it), provided they do not change the saved Calibration.

#To save a calibration with a password:
1). Type the password into the Password box at the bottom of the Calibration window (Save Fleet Cal is grayed until you enter a password).
2). Choose Save Fleet Cal from the File menu to display the Save Calibration Datafile As dialog box. This dialog box is also displayed by the Save As command and is used in exactly the same way.
Figure 1.6 - File (Save Fleet Cal)
Figure 1.7 - Save Calibration Datafile As

#Open (Calibration) - Offline
1). Choose Open from the File menu.
Figure 1.8 - File (Open...)
2). This is a standard Windows Open dialog box.
Figure 1.9 - Open (*CDF)
→Use the dialog box to select the folder containing the required file.
→Click on the required file in the list to select it. 
→Press Open to open the file.
Figure 2.1 - CDF File (Protection^3)

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