S7CanOpener for PLC SIEMENS S7-300/400 Blocks

S7CanOpener for PLC SIEMENS S7-300/400 Blocks

Useful when:
-Your machinery supplier or system integrator does no longer support the software they developed
-You lost your source code and you can not access your compiled blocks anymore.
-You like to keep just one copy of your blocks instead of maintaining both compiled and source copy of each block.
-You like to toggle the know_how_protect keyword on-the-fly, without having to compile your blocks.

SFB and SFC blocks
S7CanOpener does not remove such protection from SFB and SFC blocks.
SFC and SFB blocks are just calls to functions stored within the PLC system memory; no executable code is therefore available within SFB and SFC blocks you may find in your project.

Demo mode
As long as the programs is not registered, it just shows the blocks and their protection status and will not modify the know_how_protect status. In this mode the program acts as a demo version.

Registered mode
Once the program is purchased, a registration code will be issued. The registration code is an unique code identifying the user. To register the program, click on About | Register menu and type (or copy-paste) the registration code. After registration the program is fully functional.

Use of S7CanOpener
1. We suggest to make a backup copy of your Step7 project before attempting to use the "S7 CanOpener". We never had problems while testing the "S7 CanOpener", but we are sure you don’t wish to be the first to report a project loss.
2. Before running the program, close all applications which may interfere with Step7 project files (S7 Manager, S7 editor, Protool, etc.)
3. Run CanOpener.exe and from "Open" menu select the desired S7 project or library, then a list of all "blocks" folders in S7 project will be shown.
4. If you have more than one S7 program in project, you will get a full list of all "blocks" folders contained in the project . The "S7 CanOpener" will not associate each "blocks" folder to its "S7 program" folder. If your project contains several S7 programs and you experience some difficulties to recognize the correct "blocks" folder, we suggest to save the interested S7 program to a dedicated S7 project or rename differently the "blocks" folders within the Siemens S7 Manager.


5. Select the "blocks" folder of your choice, then the list of contained blocks will be shown along with the indication of the blocks protected with the "know_how_protect" keyword. You can filter different block families (FBs, FCs, OBs, DBs).
6. Select the blocks you want the protection status to be modified. To operate on several blocks at once, multiple selection is possible.
7. Use "Protect" or "Unprotect" buttons to set or remove protection.
8. You will be asked for a password at the first protect/unprotect request each time the program is run. The user password has been provided to prevent undesired operations if you leave your computer unattended. You can change the user password at any time.


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