DC Starter Motor Components

DC Starter Motor Components,

Delco-Remy 37-MT, 41-MT, and 42-MT Starter Motor

(1) Rear Housing
(2) Solenoid
(3) Plunger
(4) Shift Lever Housing
(5) Shift Lever
(6) Drive Housing
(7) Pinion Drive
(8) Brushes
(9) Brush Holder
(10) Pole shoes
(11) Field Winding (Coil)
(12) Armature
(13) Starting Motor Housing

The major components of the starting motor are the following items:
-Starting motor housing (13)
-Field winding (coil) (11)
-Pole shoes (10)
-Armature (12)
-Brushes (8)
-Brush holder (9)
-Pinion drive (7)
-Shift lever (5)
-Plunger (3)
-Solenoid (2)
-Housings (1), (4), and (6)
Field Winding and Starting Motor Housing

(10) Pole Shoes
(11) Field Winding (Coil)
(13) Starting Motor Housing

The starting motor housing (13) supports the field winding (coil) (11), the pole shoes (10), the brush holder (9), and the brushes (8). These parts are removable. The field winding (11) and the pole shoes (10) provide the magnetic field for the armature. The field winding also contains a shunt coil on 37-MT starting motors. The armature rotational speed is limited by the shunt coil during engagement. This prevents damage to the pinion drive.
(12) Armature

Armature (12) consists of a laminated iron core which is assembled on the armature shaft. The armature also has a commutator on one end. The commutator is made of copper segments (bars) insulated from each other and insulated from the armature shaft. The armature windings are wound in the slots of the core. The armature windings are also connected to the commutator segments.

The armature is positioned in the field winding and the pole shoes. The armature is supported by the
brushings in the drive housing (6), the shift lever housing (4), and the rear housing (1).

The armature and the field winding are connected in series. The same current flows through each component. This generates high torque primarily when the motor is first started.