DTC P0882 TCM Power Input Signal Low

P0882 - TCM Power Input Signal Low

Circuit Descriptions
The Transmission Control Module (TCM) receives power directly from the battery. Wires 110 and 170 supply direct battery power to pins 10 and 70 respectively at the TCM.

Conditions for Running the DTC
Engine has been running for more than 10 seconds and Engine speed is greater than 450 rpm.

Conditions for Setting the DTC
DTC P0882 sets under the following condition:
• The TCM detects battery voltage below 8V at 0 C (32 F) for six times. The voltage threshold is temperature dependent varying from 5V at –60 C (–76 F) to 9V at 20 C (68 F).

Actions Taken When the DTC Sets
When DTC P0882 is active, the following conditions occur:
• The CHECK TRANS light illuminates.
• DTC is stored in TCM history.
• Hydraulic default (SOL OFF) is commanded. The shift selector position and hydraulic state of latch valves determine the range attained.
• TCM inhibits TCC engagement.
• TCM freezes shift adapts (DNA).

Conditions for Clearing the DTC/CHECK TRANS Light
Use the Allison DOC™ For PC–Service Tool to clear the DTC from the TCM history. The TCM automatically clears the DTC from the TCM history if the vehicle completes 40 warm-up cycles without failure.

Diagnostic Aids
• A defective vehicle battery may allow this DTC to set. Test the vehicle battery to verify proper voltage and load capacity.
• A defective vehicle charging system may cause this DTC.
• Intermittent faults may exist in vehicle components such as a poor connection at the battery posts. Such faults
would cause this DTC to set and not remain active.
• Inspect the wiring for poor electrical connections at the TCM. Look for the following conditions:
A bent terminal
A backed-out terminal
A damaged terminal
Poor terminal tension
A chafed wire
A broken wire inside the insulation
• When diagnosing for an intermittent short or open, massage the wiring harness while watching the test
equipment for a change.

#Test Description
The numbers below refer to step numbers on the diagnostic table.
2. Tests for proper battery voltage.
Install the Allison DOC™ For PC–Service Tool.
Turn ON the ignition, leave Engine OFF.
Record the failure records.
Clear the DTC.
Observe the battery voltage value on Allison DOC™ For PC–Service Tool (9–18V for 12V TCM, and 18–32V for 24V TCM).
NOTE: This DTC sets when battery voltage drops below a predetermined level that is temperature dependent for a predetermined number of detections. Is the battery voltage below specified value?
3. Tests for an active DTC.
Start the vehicle, if possible.
If the DTC is not active, drive the vehicle. Attempt to duplicate the same operating conditions observed in the failure records. Did the DTC return?
4. Tests vehicle battery per OEM guidelines.
Test the vehicle battery per OEM instructions. This should include a voltage test and a load test. Does test indicate the battery is good?
5. Tests vehicle charging system per OEM guidelines.
Test the vehicle charging system per the OEM recommended testing procedure. Is the charging system operating properly?

#To verify the repair:
Clear the DTC.
Start the Engine and warm to normal operating temperature. Did the DTC return?

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