SPN 608 - FMI 2 (Fault Code 412)

SAE J1587/J1922 Data Link - Can Not Transmit

J1587/J1922 Data Link Circuit

Fault Code: 412
PID(P), SID(S): S250
SPN: 608
FMI: 2
Lamp: None

REASON: SAE J1587/J1922 data link - can not transmit. Communication between the ECM and another device on the J1587/J1922 data link has been lost.

EFFECT: None on performance. Devices on the J1587/J1922 data link possibly will not operate.

Circuit Description:
Devices such as automatic braking system controllers, autoshift transmissions, vehicle electronic control module (ECM), automatic slip reduction systems, electronic displays, electronic information systems, electronic service tools, and Vehicle Electronic Control Units can communicate with the ECM over the J1587/J1922 data link. Messages sent from the devices are received by the ECM and used for controlling the engine. The ECM also transmits information to these devices over the J1587/J1922 data link on the 50-pin OEM harness.

Component Location:
The J1587/J1922 data link connector is located on the OEM harness. Refer to the OEM manual for the specific location.

Shop Talk:
This fault occurs whenever the ECM starts communicating with any other device with the J1587/J1922 data link and then can no longer transmit on the data link. Possible causes could be the following: Unplugthe electronic service tool before keying off the ECM, the J1587/J1922 data link having an intermittent electrical problem, and the ECM (or another J1587/J1922 device) tying up communications because of an electrical problem or by sending too many messages without stopping.

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